Exclusive Interview with Mile High Cajun Food Truck: Spicing Up the Food Scene!

Spotlight: Expanding Flavors from Alpine, Wyoming – Discover the Essence of Mile High Cajun

Founded in 2015 in Denver, Colorado, Mile High Cajun has now proudly established its headquarters in Alpine, Wyoming. Spearheaded by Chef Preston Yoke, Mile High Cajun remains dedicated to preserving authentic culinary traditions. The brand’s emphasis lies in genuine scratch cooking, spanning from skillfully crafted breading to flavorful jambalaya and even homemade pickles, promising an unparalleled delight for your palate.

How did you get started in the food truck industry?

After completing culinary school and gaining nearly a decade of experience in the realm of fine dining, I made the decision to venture into the world of food truck ownership. To solidify my understanding of the industry, I dedicated a year to working with another food truck, learning its intricacies, and subsequently launching my own venture.

What inspired you to focus on Cajun for your food truck?

Cajun food is something that I always liked to cook for my friends on my day off. If you take classic French technique and southwest flavors you get pretty close to Cajun food. I also like Cajun Food because it is one of the only true foods that is from the United States.

Can you share any unique or personal stories that influenced your food truck concept?

My culinary passion was ignited when I experienced my first authentic crawfish boil. The moment I indulged in the flavors of Cajun cuisine, I knew I had discovered a deep and unwavering connection to this delectable style of food.

Tell us about your menu’s standout dishes. What makes them special? 

We make everything from scratch and put the extra time into the simple things to make sure they are perfect. The Catfish Po Boy is my favorite item on the truck and is one of the best fish sandwiches around. Our home-made jambalaya is also a crowd favorite.

How do you source your ingredients for maximum freshness and flavor?

We use local produce, bread, and seafood suppliers to get the best of what’s available to us locally.

Are there any seasonal items or limited-time specials on your menu that customers should look out for?

During Crawfish season, which lasts from February to June, we hold weekend boils as a tradition. The enticing aroma of spices and crawfish fills the air, reflecting our commitment to Cajun heritage. Alongside these classic boils, our special board showcases inventive dishes that capture the essence of tradition while adding a modern flair. With each visit, guests can explore a range of flavors and experiences that celebrate both the past and present of Cajun cuisine. Join us in savoring this culinary journey, where Crawfish season becomes a time to relish the tastes and stories of our roots.

How does your food truck contribute to the local community?

We take pride in offering affordable prices that warmly welcome the local community, fostering a sense of togetherness. Furthermore, our commitment to quality shines through as we partner with local suppliers, ensuring that every bite you enjoy reflects the community we live in.

Do you collaborate with other local businesses or food trucks for events or promotions?

Before discovering our permanent location, we collaborated extensively with various food trucks. This journey allowed us to explore diverse culinary experiences.

Can you share any memorable interactions with customers that showcase your connection to the community?

It’s an incredible feeling when we’re told that we serve the most outstanding food in town. This recognition means a lot to us because it highlights the immense effort and commitment we invest in each and every dish we prepare. Knowing that our flavors resonate so strongly with our customers serves as a driving force, motivating us to consistently enhance our culinary creations. Our goal is to go beyond just providing meals – we aim to curate memorable dining experiences that leave a lasting impact on both palates and hearts.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in the food truck industry and how did you overcome them?

Keeping our food truck in top mechanical shape is quite challenging because breakdowns lead to wasted food and decreased reliability. When the truck breaks down, we not only lose potential income but also valuable ingredients. That’s why it’s crucial for us to stay ahead of any mechanical issues. In the beginning, it took us a few years to figure out which events suited us best, considering the preferences of our audience. This combination of maintaining the truck and selecting the right events has allowed us to overcome these challenges more effectively and reduce waste.

Can you share any success stories or moments that have made your food truck journey memorable?

Our mission is to spread happiness through the delight of exceptional food. We take pride in being the life of the party by serving delectable dishes that elevate the overall experience. Our passion lies in crafting flavors that evoke smiles and create memorable moments for everyone we serve.

Can you share any success stories or moments that have made your food truck journey memorable?

Experiencing the consistent return of clients year after year, inviting us to be part of their special events, is truly heartwarming. The sense of satisfaction and fulfillment it brings is unparalleled. It’s a testament to the positive impact we’ve made, not just through our food, but also through the meaningful connections we’ve forged. Each call back reaffirms our dedication and motivates us to continually exceed expectations.

How do you stay innovative and adapt to changing customer preferences?

I prepare dishes that mirror my personal taste, and this approach has consistently proven to be successful. Simplicity remains my guiding principle, and I strive to execute each dish with precision. This philosophy has served as a reliable compass, ensuring that every creation maintains a high level of quality and satisfaction.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting their own food truck business?

I highly recommend working on a food truck before taking the plunge yourself. This hands-on experience offers invaluable insights and real-world skills that can make a significant difference when you decide to start your own venture. Immersing yourself in the day-to-day operations of a food truck provides a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and intricacies. This

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your experience in the industry? 

Food Truck owners need to be able to think quickly to overcome obstacles that come our way. Being adaptable is a crucial skill to tackle challenges effectively.

Keep up with Mile High Cajun on their website at https://MileHighCajun.com. Your support means the world to them, and we at BookingFoodTrucks.Com will absolutely stop by to and say hi next time we are in Wyoming!!

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