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Located between Castle Rock and Denver, The Walking Taco isn’t afraid to travel!

Get ready to meet The Walking Taco Food Truck, which debuted 2021! Established by Joseph in Denver, Colorado, The Walking Taco has undergone a remarkable journey of evolution. With a focus solely on delivering the most delectable taco experience, this innovative food truck is all about reimagining classic flavors. Their unique approach to tacos sets them apart, promising a mouthwatering adventure for your taste buds while not spilling on your pants. From their distinct culinary creations to their warm and welcoming service, The Walking Taco is poised to make a significant mark on Colorado‘s food truck scene. Join us as we delve into Joseph’s insights and unravel the journey that leads to culinary excellence.

How did you get started in the food truck industry?

With 25 years of experience in the high-end catering industry, I sought a fresh and exhilarating path to refresh my passion. A choice encounter with an individual entering the field led to my lending a guiding hand. The dynamic nature of the fast-paced environment and the freedom to swiftly adapt menus captivated me, solidifying my devotion to this newfound journey.

What inspired you to focus on Tacos for your food truck?

Spending a significant portion of my formative years in El Paso, Texas, I developed a profound appreciation for Mexican and Southwestern culinary traditions. The intricate interplay of flavors, vibrant hues, and the utilization of locally sourced ingredients unique to the region have evolved into a captivating passion for us.

Can you share any unique or personal stories that influenced your food truck concept?

Whilst visiting family in Erie Pennsylvania, I was introduced to the walking taco at a neighborhood get together. One giant Crock-Pot full of delicious Taco Beef, along with mini bags of Doritos, lettuce, salsa, sour cream and other yummy toppings made this such a fun way to serve guests! I immediately began thinking about how to take the idea and make it our own. After countless hours in the test kitchen and exhaustive searches for the best purveyors, The Walking Taco food truck was born.

Tell us about your menu’s standout dishes. What makes them special? 

Our pork green chili smothered loaded shoestring fries are always a huge hit. Starting off with the perfect long and thin russet potato, we deep fry them until golden brown then give a light misting of fresh squeezed lime juice and our house chili lime dust. The fries are smothered in our House Pork Green chili, made exclusively with New Mexican Hatch Green Chilies, feather shredded cheese, cilantro and our homemade cantina salsa. The dish is bright and offers the perfect balance of richness of the protein and acid from lime and tomato. 

How do you source your ingredients for maximum freshness and flavor?

We have developed relationships with many local farmers and the finest purveyors in the area. When a particular ingredient comes into season, we get to work incorporating them into our specials. Our focus is on fresh, local and sustainable.

Are there any seasonal items or limited-time specials on your menu that customers should look out for?

This summer season we are making our take on Mexican corn. Rather than serving whole ears, the corn is shaved off the cob, mixed with cheese and spices then formed into the perfect bite size fritter. They are served with Cojita cheese, Cilantro and our signature Chipotle Honey Crema.

How does your food truck contribute to the local community?

We collaborate closely with local school districts, numerous area nonprofits, and charitable organizations, dedicating our efforts to support their fundraising initiatives. Furthermore, a pivotal aspect of our commitment involves extending aid to community members facing challenges. We take immense pride in our contribution to the betterment of our community by donating meals to rehabilitation centers that aid individuals in reclaiming their footing.

Do you collaborate with other local businesses or food trucks for events or promotions?

A significant portion of our business stems from synergistic partnerships with fellow food trucks, catering services, and event venues. We firmly believe that collective efforts yield superior outcomes compared to individual endeavors.

Can you share any memorable interactions with customers that showcase your connection to the community?

In the winter months, we proudly extend our support to valued partners committed to alleviating food insecurity within our local neighborhoods. Thanks to our customers support, we’ve forged partnerships with organizations that go beyond providing a meal – we have been able to offer individuals in need the highlight of their week and a source of anticipation to look forward to.

How do you ensure sustainability in your operations and ingredient sourcing?

We source ingredients local to the area, compost scraps and develop relationships with purveyors who share our same mission. 

Are there any efforts your food truck undertakes to reduce waste or promote eco-friendly practices?

We use biodegradable containers, limit the use of plastics and are always on the lookout for the very best practices.

What does ethical sourcing mean to you and how does it reflect in your food truck’s offerings?

To us, ethical sourcing means utilizing ingredients produced in our area. Our menus are designed around such ingredients which are far more flavorful and fresher.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in the food truck industry and how did you overcome them?

Designing a new concept from scratch requires countless hours of practice and repetition to develop the proper flow in the kitchen. We feel as though customers don’t want to wait a long time for their food. For this reason, it is our goal to be Denver’s fastest food truck!

Can you share any success stories or moments that have made your food truck journey memorable?

We love the aspect of serving our food in countless different locations with a wide array of dining guests! Seeing the looks on our guests faces when they receive beautiful, tasty food so quickly is so fun to watch! Having catered hundreds of weddings, graduation parties and other milestones, to play even a small part in someone’s monumental occasion is always special to us.

Are there any exciting plans, expansions, or new menu items in the pipeline for your food truck?

We are excited to announce our expansion into a second trailer and the upcoming launch of a fresh, innovative menu for the summer season of 2024. Stay connected for further updates and details!

How do you stay innovative and adapt to changing customer preferences?

Having spent 30 years plus in the food and beverage industry, we have built countless relationships other chefs and restauranteurs. The exchange of ideas and techniques have proven to be priceless in our endeavors.

What advice would you give to someone considering starting their own food truck business?

 Don’t do it! Unless you were willing to subject yourself to extreme punishment, blood, sweat and tears…there are far easier ways to make a living.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your experience in the industry? 

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for quick and fresh food is higher than ever. Time is of the essence, and if you keep your customers waiting, success might just slip through your fingers.

Keep up with The Walking Taco on their website at https://thewalkingtaco.com. Your support means the world to them, and we at BookingFoodTrucks.Com are eagerly looking forward to our next encounter with their truck in Denver, Colorado!

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