The Mac ‘N Noodles Story

Discover one of Denver’s Favorite Food Trucks – Mac ‘N Noodles!

Allow us to introduce you to Mac ‘N Noodles Food Truck. Established by David Sevcik in 2016 right here in Denver, Colorado, Mac ‘N Noodles has undergone remarkable transformations over time. Today’s focus, however, centers solely on the delectable world of Mac ‘N Noodles. This gourmet Mac ‘N Cheese food truck stands out for its inventive approach – blending flavors directly into their macaroni and cheese. Setting themselves apart with their distinct culinary creations, house-made cheese sauce, warm demeanor, and unwavering reliability, Mac ‘N Noodles has become an indispensable fixture within Denver’s Food Truck community. Below, we delve into David’s insights to unravel their journey of excellence.

How did you get started in the food truck industry?

I always wanted to start a restaurant. Growing up I watched my uncle’s journey through pizza franchises with the Pizza Ranch. They seemed to enjoy their life. They were able to spend time with our cousins, coach sports, and be at all the family reunions. While my view of them was a little skewed because I saw years 10+ of their business, it offered a glimpse into a life that looked rewarding.

Can you share any unique or personal stories that influenced your food truck concept?

Mac ‘N Noodles came to be when I was working for a company called Nuun. Nuun is a specialty sports supplement that when combined with water makes a delicious drink that is supposed to be a healthy alternative to traditional sports drinks. When working the Ragnar Relay for Nuun I stopped at a restaurant called Coppers Red Hot at the base of Copper Mountain. They had 4 flavors of Mac ‘N Cheese on their menu. About a week later I came up with the phrase – If Chipotle can take the burrito out of a Mexican Restaurant and turn it into a staple, why couldn’t someone do the same with Mac ‘N Cheese? We wanted to be called MacN, but that name was taken and the domain was available so that is where the name came from.

Tell us about your menu’s standout dishes. What makes them special?

What makes us special is our consistency and how we mix the mac ‘n cheese. I have always believed that topping food alone to make a flavor is lazy. That is why we mix all our flavors in the cheese sauce. First, it’s not lazy and second it spreads the delicious flavor throughout the whole dish. To my knowledge 7 years later nobody has copied this method. I’m not sure why, but that’s what makes us stand out aside from our own homemade mac n cheese.

How does your food truck contribute to the local community?

We work with numerous schools for their events. Some schools we even go in for their entrepreneurship days and speak about what it’s like to start a food truck. Our biggest contributions have come to treating our staff well and making them feel valued and to the foster community. We have donated each year to Colorado’s foster programs as we feel a family friendly business is the only way to operate. We intend to keep doing this as long as the trucks allow us the privilege. Every kid deserves a fair chance.

Do you collaborate with other local businesses or food trucks for events or promotions?

We love working with others as the opportunity arises. We don’t have any regular collaborations, but we always enjoy working with our friends!

Can you share any memorable interactions with customers that showcase your connection to the community?

I’m not sure if this counts, but my wife was a customer back in 2017. It was my favorite green chili mac n cheese I have ever made in my life.

What are some challenges you’ve faced in the food truck industry and how did you overcome them?

The challenges are realizing I’m not the smartest or brightest person in the world and letting go. I’ve had the fortune of having a very very talented staff. Individuals that exceed in areas I always hoped to know. By letting those individuals take control of their strengths and stepping away and realizing its not just me anymore we have been able to expand. While it is not easy to let go and have faith when your livelihood is on the line, I also recognize that they are making decisions to also protect their livelihood, so our interests are aligned. That would be my hardest lesson.

What do you find most rewarding about owning and operating a food truck?

Early on it was proving people wrong. Showing them, I wouldn’t fail when they told me I would. Now it would be watching the multiple staff I have hired when they were in high school and watching them excel and live their best life. Knowing that together we created something that we are all proud of and that everyone can achieve their goals is the best feeling.

Are there any exciting plans, expansions, or new menu items in the pipeline for your food truck?

In an ideal world we would open a brick-and-mortar location tomorrow. That is always a pipeline dream of expansion, but I’ll keep you updated as we get closer!

How do you stay innovative and adapt to changing customer preferences?

I think it’s very important to adapt to changes, but at the same time we need to recognize who we are and what we do well. We make Mac ‘N Cheese. We will never be popular with the celiacs, but to those that love dairy and noodles, we will always be friendly, flavorful, and communicate beyond expectations!

What advice would you give to someone considering starting their own food truck business?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help early and often. While I might not teach you how to make my cheese sauce, or the exact smoking technique to our pork, I will 100% give you the knowledge I wish I had to save money, time, and be successful. Watching other succeed is just as rewarding as making it to year 7 in the food truck world.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from your experience in the industry?

This tidbit comes from Daniel Thompson, the founder of Sokare Food Truck in Denver, CO. Jealousy is the root of all failure. There is nothing wrong with trying to emulate others success, but to be jealous, spiteful, and not happy for them will only cause your own slow demise.

Follow Mac ‘N Noodles via their website at If you would like to hire mac ‘n noodles please shoot them an email to [email protected]. They would love your support and we here at BookingFoodTrucks.Com can’t wait to visit them the next time we see the truck in Denver, Colorado!

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